Paxcell was started in Silicon Valley in 1993, as the successor company to Dynamar Computer Products which was the largest independent American owned electronics sales company in Asia, with offices in seven countries. The management of Paxcell has over 35 years experience in Asia and the US in technical sales, product development, contract manufacturing, and program management, providing sales and marketing coverage in Silicon Valley and Northern California. Paxcell provides our customers with a wide range of capabilities in manufacturing, engineering, product sales and marketing expertise for the emerging and mature companies in most segments including alternative energy, telecommunications, instrumentation, medical electronics and consumer.



Paxcell is a major technical sales organization in Northern California specializing in representing contract manufacturers, and engineering services for product design and electronics development, and prototype and volume manufacturing, assisting new and emerging customers to help speed their product introduction to market. The Paxcell client principals provide the necessary resources for the industrial design, electronics development, engineering, and contract manufacturing for NPI and proto development and volume and mass production, either in the US, in Asia, Mexico and Eastern Europe.


Silicon Valley is the most important U.S. region for high technology startups and new product development in all industry segments. Both recently funded and well established companies frequently lack personal, infrastructure and resources to arrange for electronics product engineering, prototype builds, industrial design, or researching the options for NPI build, and eventually volume production either in the US or in Asia.  Paxcell and their client principals provide full capabilities and resources for engineering and production.


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Paxcell is the sales organization for four manufacturers of materials, subassemblies and components that are widely accepted as leaders in their fields.  Paxcell provides all of the direct sales contacts, support with engineering and communications, and logistics support for the principals.  With manufacturing in the US orin Asia, and the ultimate usage in any country, Paxcell assists with the coordination and communications for both the principals and the customers.


Transformers, wound magnetic, coils and inductors


Battery Packs, Power Supplies and Chargers


Logistics management, order fulfillment, RMO Inventory Management


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