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Paxcell is a long established technical sales organization covering Northern California,

representing a select list of high technology principals and manufacturers:


•       EMS Contract Manufacturing

•       PCBA & Box Build

•       Cable Assemblies

•       Engineering Design Services

•       Medical, Automotive, ITAR, Consumer

•       California: Fremont, Chatsworth, Carlsbad, San Marcos

•       Nevada; Carson City

•       Colorado: Longmont

•       Massachusetts: Westborough

•       Ohio: Mason



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Integrated Micro-electronics, Inc. provides electronics manufacturing services and power semiconductor assembly and test services with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America.

•       EMS Contract Manufacturing

•       PCBA & Box Build

•       Automotive, Medical, Industrial, A/V,

•       Philippines, China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, United Kingdom, and USA

•       EMS Contract Manufacturing

•       PCBA & Box Build

•       Local, Quick-Turn Capabilities

•       Industrial/Commercial

•       Automotive

•       Network & Computing

•       Defense & Aerospace  - ITAR

•       Wireless / Wireline Telecom

•       Medical & Biotechnology

•       Located in San Jose, CA




•       EMS Contract Manufacturing

•       PCBA, PCB Fabs & Box Build

•       Thin-film substrates & Thick-film substrates

•       Plastic injection molding

•       Tool design and toolmaking

•       Hardware- and software engineering

•       Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, China



World-class High-Capacity Battery-Pack & Battery Cell Manufacturer

•       Founded in 2003

•       Utilizing full automation

•       30 engineers supporting Cham’s pack designs consisting of EE (Electrical) , ME (Mechanical), NPI & Program Management, Test and Programing Firmware, Packaging Design and Safety Compliance engineers.



Manufacturer of Cable Assemblies

Since 1989, and with 6 production factories worldwide, Sinbon has been a manufacturer of high-quality cable assemblies, interconnect products, and antennas. Focus market applications are:

•       Medical & Health

•       Automotive & Aviation

•       Green Energy/Solar

•       Industrial

•       Communications/Networking

Locations: Europe, China, Taiwan, USA


Wound Magnetic Devices Located in China and Texas

•       Inductors

•       Chokes & Converters

•       Transformers

•       Planar Magnetics

•       Power Supplies


Magnetics products For;

•       Automotive

•       Consumer Electronics

•       Vertical Transportation

•       Solar Power

•       Telecommunications

•       Heavy Equipment



Hantronix, Inc.

TFT Touchscreen LCD Displays

Hantronix is a world-class manufacturer of electronic display products.


•       US based LCD supplier since 1979

•       Headquartered in Cupertino, California

•       Real Time Engineering Support from USA based FAE’s

•       Value add facility & warehouse in California

•       Asia manufacturing facility for competitive pricing

•       All manufacturing facilities certified ISO9001



Engineering expertise for electrical, mechanical, and software development. Top-notch design support located in South Dakota for a cost-effective solution. Past design products included:

•       Medical: Ventilators, Cardiac Systems, Patient Management, Blood Analysis, Fluid Delivery, Imaging Diagnostic

•       Military/Aerospace: Contract Engineering, Guidance Systems, Power Management, Detection, Delivery Controls

•       Industrial Controls / Test & Measurement: PLC Controllers, Fire Safety, Particle Detection, Energy, Security Monitoring

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Mobile: 408-772-3858