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TWS    COMPLEX BATTERY PACKS;  TWS is a major China Based manufacturer of battery packs for E Vehicles, Medical, Telecommunications, power and grid management, and solar energy storage.  With five factories in China, with a well staffed engineering team in multiple countries, TWS offers customers with total battery storage solutions, using a variety of cell chemistries.  Nearly all of the products are designed to the customer specifications and requirements.   www.tws.com.


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GCI Technologies WOUND MAGNETICS. GCI is a major US based design and manufacturing company specializing in: transformers, inductors, coils, planar transformers, for the solar, electric vehicle, telecommunications, and industrial markets. With the factory in China and the engineering in the US, the customers get the best of both worlds: US Engineering, and Asian manufacturing.  www.gcitechnologies.com.


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LOROM WEST (dba Cable Connections) CABLE ASSEMBLIES, WIRE HARNESSES. Lorom is affiliated with the Lorom Group of China, a $400 million integrated manufacturer of wire, cables, connectors and wire harnesses. With a factory in Fremont,CA. Lorom can support US based customers with cable assemblies, and complex interconnect systems, for E Vehicles, telecom and data storage, medical and grid power management. www.loromwest.com.


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PHASIUM by MegMeet: Power Supplies, battery chargers, open frame and close frame. Phasium Power is a part of the MegMeet group which is a major China based manufacturer of power supplies, battery charging and other power management products  www.phasiumpower.com.