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Paxcell Represents a broad range of technical and global capabilities in Electronic Manufacturing Services, with facilities in Silicon Valley, Mexico, Asia and throughout Europe. The EMS capabilities touch every industry and segment, including EV, medical, transportation, data storage, telecommunications, and military.


The manufacturing principals have production facilities in the following locations:


• NPI, High Mix, Low Volume proto runs, and medium Volume  - Silicon Valley
• Medium Volume with  7 production lines,                                 - Silicon Valley and China
• Low Volume, proto and proof of concept, engineering             - Southern California
  Evaluation production Runs
• High Volume production with 7 factories in Asia                      -  Philippines and China  
• Medical electronics devices, cables, interconnect systems      - Silicon Valley, China and Philippines


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The capabilities of the Paxcell contract manufacturing client principals cover a wide range of expertise and abilities some of which are:


• Medical Electronics, assembled in a Clean Room Environmentcontract manufacturing san diego
• ITAR Assembly and Military Electronics
• WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, and Zigbee modules and board assemblies
• Full Box Build order fulfillment, logistics and material staging
• Cable Assemblies and complex wiring harness installations
• Prototype, NPI, small runs, to High Volume
• All production facilities have ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and three have ISO 13485
• Chip on Flex, flip chip, multi chip modules, micro assembly of circuits
• Full Turnkey, consignment or any combination
• All facilities provide DFX capabilities

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Since many of the facilities are interrelated, all of the engineering costs on the front end are not duplicated when the volume production moves offshore.  There is no duplicate engineering costs, and the manufacturing can move seamlessly to one of the offshore facilities




imi logo IMI Group, Contract Manufacturer

IMI GROUP is a top Tier 2 EMS provider with facilities in the Philippines, China, Mexico and Eastern Europe, with a focus on medical, automotive, wireless and other RF technologies, LED Lighting, with full test and assembly capabilities


IMI is deeply committed to delivery cutting-edge electronics manufacturing services creating custom made solutions, though the network of factories and engineering centers around the World providing their customers with the benefit of flexible, efficient and cost-effective end to end manufacturing solutions.


imi logo Asteelflash, EMS company

Asteelflash is a $1 billion Tier 2 privately held EMS company with 23 manufacturing facilities globally, with Asia, Mexico, Silicon Valley, Europe. Full service assembly and test, both board level and box build with extensive engineering, test and logistics support.


imi logo MEGAFORCE CORPORATION, Contract Manufacturer, Turnkey

Located in San Jose, Megaforce specializes in full board level assembly, and box build with focus on high mix, low to medium volume with 5, 7, 10 day turns, prototypes, NPI builds and quick response time. ITAR Certified, Extensive engineering and test capabilities. www.megaforcecorp.corp