Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering


Paxcell client principals specialize in complete industrial design from back-of-the-napkin concept through completed product, with all of the CAD files, tooling specifications, and schematics, ready for production.

They have industrial design expertise with the following product groups:


• Medical devices, both instrumentation and minimally invasive devices

• Hand Held medical instruments

• Telecommunications and personal communicators

• Network Server, and telecom devices

• Rack Mounted data storage devices


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The industrial design principals have the following expertise and advantages


• Product design, styling

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• Ergonomics, functionality

• Designs with consideration of  Agency approvals and certifications

• Industrial designs in conjunction with electronics engineering effort

• Enclosures, housings and packaging designs

• Graphics, renderings, and conceptual ideas

• Detailed 3D CAD files and engineering tooling-ready drawings

• Coordination with manufacturing

• Engineering assistance and supervision through product launch

• Medical devices, reusable and disposable


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