GCI Technologies - Wound Magnetic Components



GCI is a major manufacturer of custom and standard magnetic component, with the engineering and product development in Plano, TX, and the volume manufacturing in Shanghai, China.  GCI has been a major supplier to the electronics industry for over 25 years, and are leading in some technology developments.


GCI Technologies is dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom and standard high voltage power conversion products for the global electronics and telecommunications industries. 


GCI Technologies maintains extensive engineering design and support capabilities in the US, assisting customers with product development and designs.  The company enjoys the preferred supplier position with a number of major semiconductor companies and GCI appears and the recommended supplier on their reference design documentation. In the Texas facility, GCI produces prototypes and engineering samples to speed the product development and time to market for major customers.




Products and Services:


• Power Transformers

• Telecommunications Transformers

• High voltage Transformers

• Surface Mount Inductors

• Inductors, EMI Filters

• Power Disc Inductors

• DC/DC converters

• LAN & WAN magnetics

• Common Mode Chokes

• Power Supplies, US and European Standards

• Over 4 billion  devices produced annually in their China facility

• Leading developments in PLANAR transformers



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